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    June 29, 2008

    While I'm on vacation..

    Believe it or not, even us agency folk get a day off here and there, so for the next week, this blog is on vacation. Here are a few good reads to pass your time so you don't wilt away without me:

    Recently, I discovered David Stroker's Blog on Microfranchising, fascinating stuff-my mind is already spinning with ways to harness the creative power of Gen Yers to develop microfranchising ideas.

    Also, a great post from the Online Marketer Blog on the "ROI of Social Media For Gen Y Audiences (and How to Convince Your Boss)." Love the part about how to convince your boss. A guest post from the Online Marketer himself is in the works!

    And, in case anyone really loves numbers, here is a great numbers story from The Chronicle of Philanthropy on "Giving's Tough Climate." I know we are all worried about how the economic "downturn" is going to affect nonprofits, so an interesting read.

    Also, for more of my own thoughts on the topic, check out Beth Kanter's post about my blog-she asked me a few really great questions that I answer in the comments section.

    I'll be back July 7th, and in my next post, I plan to tell you all about how a certain political campaign started out with all the "do's" to get Gen Y and now has a couple of major "dont's" under its belt.


    kanter said...

    hope you had a great vacation .. did you totally unplug or not?

    Miriam Kagan said...

    I finally managed to stop checking my work email by day 4...I am starting to think hotels should advertise NO email connectivity as an added bonus for vacation travelers :)