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    August 28, 2008

    Is voting just a game?

    An article on Yahoo News this week reported that gamers can now register to vote through Microsoft's Xbox 360 gaming console.


    I am not a gamer, but if you've ever met one, they are hardcore, and devoted! A co-worker recently told me that leading some kind of witchcraft guild in an online gaming community taught him many of the leadership skills he now has in the workplace. I guess convincing 100 of your online follower to wage war on the neighboring fiefdom teaches you how to organize unruly co-workers.

    And while the traditional core target of gaming (males, 18-30) continues to thrive, many other gaming communities are rapidly developing. Even grandma can virtually bowl with her friends at her retirement home on their communal Wii.
    If people can register to vote thru their Xbox, who is to say that people couldn't decide to give through their Xboxes, or Play Stations or whatever. If people can buy things in Second Life, why shouldn't they be able to donate? But I wonder, if I give to the virtual version of say "The Red Cross"-who gets helped-virtual people whose virtual villages got blown away by a virtual hurricane or real people whose real-life homes got blown away by a real hurricane?
    Just food for thought.

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