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    December 8, 2008

    How Apple finally Won My Heart

    Confession time. For someone from my generation goes, I am a complete Luddite. Last year I finally broke down and bought and iPod with the idea that since I now had a long commute to work, I would download all kinds of stuff and listen to it in the car. My dad now has my iPod and is happily transferring all the music him and my mom love to it.

    As I watch my Gen X boyfriend synchronize, supersize, and organize his Blackberry with his earpiece, with his computer, with our stove, I happily reside in a world where I use my cell phone to actually call people, and have yet to use it to surf the web.

    And being the Luddite that I am, I never understood my generation's fascination with Apple and its laptops. I could never figure out the mouse that only had one button. Or the different operating system. While people sang its praises for its programs, and reliability and its security system, I was the happy hamster in my Windows-based world. I'd figured out how to get from one end of the maze to the other, and had no interest in figuring out a new maze.

    But now, I find myself coveting a Mac. I find myself fighting the impulse to get rid of my current laptop, which is in fine condition, and get myself a Mac. Why?

    Because of the new Mac commercials like this one:

    Made from recyclable materials, low on toxins, the commercial is sure to make any greenie, including yours truly, salivate. This commercial speaks straight to what is nearest and dearest to my heart and passion-protecting and preserving our planet. No amount of "mind" type information-RAM, ROM, whatever, was ever able to break thru my Windows-based fortress. But now Apple has captured my heart.

    So what's the moral of this post? Know your audience. Tailor your message. Maybe it's not that people are just chronically non-responsive. Maybe you just haven't found the right message to get their attention. After all, I bought my first laptop more than 10 years ago, and only now am I ready to face the brave new world of Mac.

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    Laura said...

    I have been having the exact same reactions (and I am also gadget/Macphobic)!!!