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    December 25, 2008

    Miriam's Happy Holidays List

    In the spirit of the Holidays (and in the spirit of being on vacation and in a food coma), I have been for a while now compiling all kinds of interesting bits and pieces to share as part of my 2008 round-up. So, in no particular order, except for the last item, which is hands-down my favorite for the entire year:

    1) From the Artez Interactive Blog, a round-up on 6 Online Holiday Fundraising Campaigns. Check em out while they last-you can also read a great round-up on Artez.

    2) An article I tagged and have been "saving" for a special occasion: An AMAZING article on widgets, how to use them (and how to not use them), examples of great widgets, just a well-written in depth analysis. Apparently Advertising Age has now restricted the articles to subscribers (paying), but, if you have an opportunity to get your hands on this, it is an amazing read. Wish I had realized they would close it to public access and posted about it earlier...

    3) For those of you who get to plan fundraising galas, you may have already heard about the "NonEvent" movement. Haven't heard of it? Read all about it. Just imagine, raising almost the same cash you would have at a gala, without the gala part.

    4) Ok, I know it's the holidays, but I bet many of us still can't turn off our work brains and not think, even briefly, about the economic times and how donors are going to be affected post-celebrating. What happens when everyone get their holiday bills?? A recent webinar from HubSpot had some good points. Seems like everyone is out there trying to give advice, but hey, this one's got a PowerPoint online and it's free and it makes sense. So check it out.

    5) This has to be, hands down, the most awesome, neat, can't wait to use it, tool I found this year! From Care2, an online, interactive ROI calculator for Social Media. I am not kidding! A way to measure social media. In the palm of your internet. So neat! But you have to be prepared-this is a serious tool and you need serious info about your program.

    So dear readers, a big THANK YOU for checking out my blog this year, Happy Holidays and a toast to 2009!

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