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    February 6, 2009

    Sites/stories I've been looking at this week

    This has been a crazy week, so little time to blog, but I did want to share some interesting stories/sites I've seen lately and have been thinking about:

    Buzzing4Change-"Buzzing for Change
    is a one-day student-run charity extravaganza starting up at colleges and
    universities around the country. Participants shave their heads, cut their hair
    for Locks of Love or volunteer. They recruit sponsorship, 100% of which is
    donated to a local charity that works to improve the lives of children living
    with cancer. The flagship program is at The George Washington University.."

    This is an interesting concept and I'd like to see how if develops/grows to other schools. Also, very interesting site format.

    New take on "buttons"
    --a fascinating read for any techies here. How google
    is reinventing the "button" from a functional and coding stand-point.

    Facebook Socialvibe--Something you add to your Facebook profile that I assume features ads, money gets donated in your name. Plan to add this to see how it works.

    Pluck On Demand--Ok, this is very interesting: kind of like a search function that you can add into your page but the results are relevant to your content and also are social media type things like video, articles, etc. Plan to explore this further.

    An cute/interesting article from Newsweek: "You can't Friend me, I Quit!"

    From John Lepp, this great heads up about SOFII--"SOFII provides charitable fundraisers everywhere with a comprehensive, easily accessible archive of the best fundraising creativity from around the world." Nice and thanks!

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