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    April 27, 2009

    The Pre-Requiem for the RFP?

    For those of you who may not have seen this yet, I just had to share a recent blog post from fellow blogger John Lepp.

    A controversial topic, and John, you are a brave soul for venturing into this, but so well written!

    Here is an excerpt to wet your appetites:

    And now you wait…

    Within hours, the proposals start to flood in like some great rising

    Look at all of these suppliers who want to help us! Wow! Look at
    how thick this one is! My gosh, look at the stock this one used -

    The hours, turn to days, turn to weeks (maybe you shouldn’t have put an end
    date so far into the future) and finally the drop dead day arrives and you can
    now disregard any more submissions. Whew

    Read the entire post on John's blog, and share your thoughts on the future of the RFP.

    1 comment:

    John Lepp said...

    Thanks for your thoughts Miriam. And a brave soul you are for posting yours! There have been some good comments posted on my blog so check them out!