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    November 9, 2008

    Allstar Blog: The Internet Marketing Driver

    On Friday, I stumbled on Glenn Gabe's blog: The Internet Marketing Driver. Even with my notoriously fickle attention span I spent at least 3o minutes on Glenn's blog, totally immersed in his posts. I don't know Glenn, so this is not one of those you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours blogosphere endorsements, but I would strongly recommend that anyone interested in social marketing read Glenn's blog religiously.

    The really great thing about the blog is the step by step how to's and specific recommendations. Want to know how to set up multivariate testing using Google's Website Optimizer, Glenn will walk you through that. Ever wonder what SMS short code is? I found out all about it on Glenn's blog last Friday. Glenn also takes questions-so if you have a "how do I..." you can email him and he might actually post about it. Wondering what the best way to cook your Turkey is on Turkey day, Glenn just might have the perfect step by step recipe..(j/k)

    A great blog and I hope you all take the time to check it out!

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