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    November 4, 2008

    Stuff Miriam read this week...

    So, given this is election day, and most of us may be glued to the TV, I figured instead of writing something "profound" I'd just share some interesting stuff I've been reading/seeing/browsing in the past 2 weeks for anyone interested in taking a look:

    A few days ago, there was a great article in Forbes about Gen Y at work. Liked it because it also talked a lot about Gen Y's characteristics and habits, and as always, the more input from people trying to "define" this generation, the merrier...

    Another fascinating read on how phone companies are trying to market to Gen Ys, using TV and Web.

    Someone emailed me this site, and I think the whole concept is pretty interesting: just another example of how younger people want to hear from their peers and are influenced by them. Here is an article about Unigo in the NY Times.

    The founders of Splinter Generation hit me up with an email-and what I thought was really interesting was how they define Gen Y, check out the "Why" section of their site to read more about why Gen Ys are Splinters.

    Finally, a while back I signed up for the Google Nonprofits Group list serve. It's been interesting to watch Google's expansion into the nonprofit space, and recently, I came across a post in another blog commenting about Google's "projects to change the world..." thing, which I had not heard about, but is definitely food for thought for those of us trying to raise cash.

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    Fox said...

    I'm really glad I came across this blog, it has so much to do with what I want to do with mine. I also really enjoyed your article about religion in Gen Y, it is something I have been looking into recently. Hope to hear back from you!